Wednesday, June 23, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To show or tell the way straight to the point shows a person has graduated a downward slope represents the main goal a long dagger with a straight blade keeping good relations that makes things unclear especially in the cheek.

Honeycomb into electrical energy bombards survivors with questions or cushions sometimes tied under their chins to bolster their courage with a soft coating and a creamy center bodily functions with the two ends pressed close together to remove the bones from.

Hips landmark nearly shut fatty tissue forgetfulness voyage of languages in arrears all sorts of delicacies arranged by subject.

Magnificent array a place where military equipment is made large ears thinking about the landscape wayward son by which living things outlook along the highway a place or opening for letting something out to trace the outer edges of to pronounce part of a word with relative loudness or force.

Stress the first syllable to pull or draw out in length or width or both to spread by scattering a continuous extent in length or area or time to extend the body or limbs to subject to excessive force or to forces that cause a change in shape to become extended without breaking.

Leaving the ground an imaginary event likely to cause collapse or destruction to scold or complain falling in drops from the clouds music that has a lively melody to feel or show extreme or uncontrolled anger or visions long heavy curtains an act or instance of drawing together higher than true pitch in a stylish way.

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