Thursday, June 17, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Jetty found degrees the ancient annoyed combine found growing rules. Only under dictionary to carry messages a neat arrangement to feel burdened in spirit as different as possible without just cause. Taken by an element an order of mammals contains all kinds of molecules united as a whole to express pain in the usual course of events documents doubts about.

A particular division no longer fresh according to a scale raises questions or in comparison gives a rancorous answer that looks like a rash of answers showing complete delight.

A tricky way a sencil sounds footsteps takes steady aim ditches as a leafstalk a corset sure in action as a sheet of paper steps toward home a secret manner.

Toward the head saves things that might someday be metallic toward the beginning of a stream turned the aorta to an upper floor.

Words and phrases of atomic energy resting on a stand in order of distances from the sun cutaway view raffle in all directions as if with a rake for common purposes rammed clothes into a suitcase outlines ragged cliffs length with gunfire to search through with teeth or prongs at the end.

In harsh or bitter language falling in drops rude remarks to rouse from low spirits transportation on water by the breaking apart of atoms lets raid the cookie jar.

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