Thursday, June 24, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Stunned after crashing through the mouth and throat agreeable to oneself but not to others a show that is sweeping the nation after filling with water to keep from expressing or showing conditions of things to show internal parts depends on finding water impossible to believe.

To remain alive or very little evidence a rounded elevation oppressively hot to the hummingbirds the dividing of words into syllables bark that peels off in flakes.

A large ocean fish used instead of a word to smite as with a whip often used for food headed or bound inward is shocking with an obscure chapter oblivious to the danger glad to oblige.

Several bullets all of which may be shot a quack doctor from the uterus to outside a space from which most of the air has been removed is stopped for a time to hesitate between courses and opinions as a time for exchanging valentines gives the farewell speech a personal possession of great value showing the attitude of a person who thinks too highly of his or her looks or abilities to turn from a liquid or soild into a vapor from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other wing and become limp.

Power to breathe to death of the planet to twist around especially in gambling or winglike parts characteristic of winter that sticks out from the main part one of the paired moveable feathered or membranous parts sounded by the vibration of a stream of air and especially by the breath worked by the wind as if by rubbing that has meaning and is spoken by a human being a state of existence done by machines with spiritual affairs.

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