Tuesday, June 15, 2010

text || Bill Beamer

...... you mus go
on, per... you... yo stagg on,
pee... yo mut ooh, perps it's lo aready, perths
am boy they have sain malready, paps the hae
cared me to the thresh
o my soy,
haps it's don ady,peap...
you mut o, peh t'os I do't kan,
I'll ne no, in the silene
you do now, yomust gon,
can't goon, on. the do or thapens,
it wuwull be , it wild bethe silenc,
where I me, I do nu't now,
Ill verkno, i yo dotkin, ou ust goo,
I can't noon, I'll go in.

f--s they have sai me alread,
peraps they haecriried me
to the thre old
o my tory, buttbefore the do thaens,
will b , it ill b the silec,
here am, I do't kno,
I'll ever kno, in te ilen ce
ou do't no moon,I ca't gon,
Ill gon.

lust go on, perhaps it's d'nealrea,
erhups theyhaesid me liiready,
terhaps the ha carrie me
to thereshold of my or, fore te doot
hat pens, it will b I, it wl b thsience,
where I am don't knI'll neve ko,
in te silene yudo't know, you must go on,
I can'tgo on,
I'll go on.

aps it's done already, peraps they
have aid earedyers
thy ha
earied me to he
ol d

before the do or thapens,
it will be I,
it will e
, ere I a, I
, I'll
in the
do't knaw, ou
on, I cano on, 'llgo on.

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