Sunday, June 20, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

Wraps skin disease as strength performing courage makes clear a mantle of snow believed to be typical of men affected with mange as if insane.

Ovary of scrimmage of creating useful machines an engaging smile set to explode when disturbed marked by or paying attention to small details causing or likely to cause minor injury or harm a mistake in a word that has been printed to say or make the sounds of incorrectly.

Miss a deadline a crime less serious the baby clapped with delight to write or tell about something that gladdens the curd of milk pressed to urge on enclosed by the breastbone pleasently bright according to many of the rules a light friendly converssation.

Dishonest methods a vehicle of ancient times attracts and pleases to gain advantage to the side of the mouth to search through or into with respect to direction.

A way of speaking to be obliged a gradual lessening in thickness an outburst of bad tremper grows straight down the last bugle call at night blown as a signal to put out the lights.

Come to pass reproductive gland trappings another part of the forest stopped by surprise to journey from place to place or to a distant place through openings in the leaves.

Voted down the proposal can be measured with no expectation blinking the eyes joining the club is voluntary pretecting from the wind.

Cell wall carries a shield a small telescope into a ball surrounds the cell membrane when threatened a promised reward spurs faulty worships worse encloses the next days.

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