Wednesday, June 23, 2010

INSERTS || Noel Canlas

*the exceedingly glorious Ursprache (INSERT IMAGE) surpassing (INSERT IDEA) the notable whip of jocular mythos (INSERT INTENSIFIER) of arranged thoughts (INSERT GALLERY) here and now, thus a danger withheld simultaneously beginning;

* unless the best known among easily (INSERT SYNTAX) deploy tempting (INSERT INFERENCE) if any as unseeingly however unavailable (INSERT SUBSTANCE) inside all (INSERT RHYME) towards (INSERT MOMENTUM);

*a divider changing hacked dominion corollary (INSERT LINE) jump jacket mismatch (INSERT THEME) knocking- humus bust (INSERT CONJUGATION) negated niceties teach you (INSERT APPLAUSE) lavatorial dizz ditch acorn;

* nocturne (INSERT GRAMMAR) apparel- instrumentation (INSERT NOMINALS) joint package surety bondage (INSERT EMOTION) sum done- uber performant hole uppity (INSERT ORDER) chunk - at instantaneous;

*coroner gamut cigar (INSERT ENJAMBEMENT) zero allotropy (INSERT PAUSE) ion plane poorish (INSERT NORM) applicable- seethe token- keeper toss nut per (INSERT CHANCE) net profit (INSERT RECOGNITION) thankfully;

*nuke (INSERT INCEPTION) avocat oratory cheap motel (INSERT FILM) opera-entomologic seie=sme too precisionary dumpty jimbal (INSERT CLARIFICATION) ok severance in toto (INSERT CRITIQUE) suppositional anthem;

*exhalation coating fits (INSERT NARRATION) evidence inlighting choosiness (INSERT SUBJECT) blopper parrricitical my hands oh! (INSERT DRAMA) occlusion- amateur (INSERT FIGURE) blah blah! oohhhhhhh (INSERT VOICE);

*(INSERT QUESTION) pre=taxed offering just distiche (INSERT SUPPRESSION) similarly ads polish nematode (INSERT ASSOCIATION) whenever sanitary none door (INSERT RULE) + & at techie garnish toupee;

*luster chink pie, (INSERT CONSISTENCY) as evolutive as nouvelle section (INSERT MODIFIER) ---------- kit analogic unabashed longuish parry (INSERT SPACE) next coloric love-energy liquifi—(INSERT AFFIX) welcome ingenious--upscaled;

*atopic in neat progression (INSERT EXEMPLA) as does the superb petal front attaché denature (INSERT POESY) hush hush divinizing acronyms off cyclophone (INSERT DEFINITION) rapport chic turbographic news marsh-wide;

*c’mon (INSERT DIALOGUE) abrupt- on hill toes a-play evrplastered allusion (INSERT REFERENCE) flyby orbital power of three (INSERT TELOS) targeted instance filling up compounds ici et là;

* resisting (INSERT ARGUMENT) turning tones (INSERT ALLITERATION) popped soulful call non- summons since micro-fissure controlling (INSERT THEORY) a sudden toll hidden (INSERT OBJECT) install prone;

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