Tuesday, June 12, 2012

text || Spencer Selby

Admission as stated to conceal dread [SHIP: CURVE:], commune with life so great, [ELECTRON: CHIMNEY:] no escape guarantees your plea approaching brightness might continue. Very possibly could have been the attempt beyond belief [GASOLINE: HAMMER:], except for veiled threats more sensible than anything previously received. My complex was repeated. My thirst for meaning was caught in a self-indulgent mirror, disoriented by focus [LATITUDE: LUNGE:] tending to fade as the years passed in their discovery and enjoyment of another dreamlike test. Before I knew it the showing became a kind of joke. [CAUTION: ELBOW:] Honesty was alive but foiled itself from a broken frame of reference, from a childish naïveté [TICKLE: SNIFF:], from a platform built for sport made popular behind my back.
Difficult was the speaker [LACUNA: ONERIC:] whose account was released to experience the real world as a question [NECKLACE: OXYGEN:], where everyone went on pretending so the answers were just problems [INTELLECT: EMPIRE:]; they were just floating somewhere they hadn't landed they weren't going to land.  Listeners multiplied and soon grew righteous, declaring discrepancy to be the first day [WINDMILL: HORMONE:] the first last breath begotten [TRANSOM: GOSSIP:] so that both the hot skin and roof leakage seemed normal.
That part of the book vanished but not yet. There was appearance to maintain [KINETIC: FRACTAL:], there was a diverse archive [SIPHON: BATHE:], there was a poignant love dimension regardless of prevailing taste or fashion, plus other kinds of characters strewn across a barren stage. [MUNDANE: PARAGRAPH:] There was a compulsion to judge to criticize to take control and this threw it all back. Many times a disaster but not in the act itself and not in the feeling and spirit part, which for everyone else was just a response. [USURP: HARBOR:] It was fortunate for me when the curtain fell and I did satisfy counsel by changing methods at audience expense. [CHALK: MUSTARD:] This was printed in shape of a triangle left on ice. [COLLEAGUE: LIMP:] It was published from an urge to utilize emotion I couldn’t otherwise accept.
Then came a stretch that didn't know whether we could stay with the enemy during recapture. [SILK: ARTERY:] Awareness and illness combined in the middle of a single attack [PRISM: ORCHARD:] that struck as it glowed from the spark which now took advantage. [PIANO: CASEMENT:] Sudden burst caught its temper, saying whatever I own is passed inside a stranger. Could have been taken in stride instead of this person complaining about a prior meeting. [PROVERB: DRIZZLE:] Couldn't help the subjective sense of value turning reckless because of disagreement. [OPERA: CAMEL:] Deep as a line from cave in France shuddering at alignment. Dark sequence all about lyrics [INCOHATE: BREAST:] burned across my memory. Perverse penchant for song played over and over [METEOR: MARTYR:], telling me I used to have it good.
Needs were immediate [ACQUEDUCT: QUEUE:], products were ambivalent [MILK: DIAMOND:], vision was a special image showing time doesn't exist in the way that we think. How exactly could this example be literal [SCAFFOLD: ZIPPER:] How perhaps passing desire would always play games with each off-road vehicle. [CLINAMEN: OVEN:] Familiar codes frustrated in trying to find a way to understand why everyone went on like nothing ever happened. [REEF: STANZA:] Just normal, they said, just normal, average and OK. They had their crutches, bouts of depression and insomnia every night. [ADHESIVE: TRESPASS:] But most didn’t notice as long as they could still stifle instinct, black out the fear of death, be charming when necessary [JUSTICE: STOMACH:], be swept along by social pressures that always kept them busy [FLOUR: GRAVEL:], then take a shower and start again.
Unearthly chords were immersed in dialogue with no instrument of choice. [EXPERT: SOFA:] Days found wanting to elude the almost certain charges of chasing the tail of a typical result [CANYON: FINANCE:], assuming guilt is projected just to stay alive. [HEDGE: FATHOM:] Thought residue examined while going up and down a stairway shared with bad design. [ALTAR: POULTRY:] There were second hands that were helpless. There was impatience throughout the entire encounter. [CONTRACT: ASPIRIN:] There was a body in full spread of immanence. There was a future in that body, clever and subtle enough to keep people guessing [LOYAL: TRIFLE:], and to balk at development summarized with no end.

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