Friday, June 15, 2012

2 poems || John Pursch

Frontal Sleep

Hartaspay wai awluvus encyst on 
grovelin flummy point as who to be, 
rurally ever chosen to simply stop
at moments, urging us to clarify 
the passing cloud, glowering at arms, 
keeping smartly dashed courtiers 
for youthful gazes. 

Hostels overflow, libidinous ends galore, 
cashing in coastal grazers for soupcon chives, 
firming up an awesome edge, ergonomic latches 
spread to geyser pouch, lent to viral Nefertiti;
gets harem diurnal claims in seminal polarity, 
ductile dreams, and goobers of graceful grout, 
between da thyme dat’s sew incur abomino. 

Sinuous caretakers lift a woolen doormat, 
chilling all the lazy grifters with kicks of 
frontal sleep, leading us ta mervalat wut 
moitle be damoost everlastin oxen, 
cragu simple odie efferfective noosten of
da prayer, unto cars der bayin answered 
bitsy Juan und bersum comely unity. 

Stadiums coil in exhale’s humid tort, 
glazing the orator’s flushed browser,
inanely splendid so senty octal indie 
empty pit, whoxie darrutian sprennil 
quon prumiat mock tier en boxer, 
ecremier swine, orgamulous chariot 
to crown a cudgel, grinneth spine 
cod our fendumen watch. 

Storing cracks in ample sidecars, 
pinning cons on royal gams,
ursine balms address the dawn,
stretching a truth table’s eulogy,
taut as only panties can be.

Ayeyes Vooroom

Low veneers of fumigation 
rock their loosened footfalls, 
dressing Latin oracles for migrant 
oinkin ‘bout a graph, sorta willy-oldie, 
fleein phar the whitest ruly oast, 
endies sloth spon bluriphon icious. 

Mousetraps spill a wizened overture, 
cordless and idiosyncratic, idly stealing 
the warm autumn heir’s crest outa
veeper, tweezin human hock tarper, 
anting on an empty crone. 

Observers fry Geraldo feelers, 
stashing anteriors for future plaudits, 
canonized in stickball’s Teflon bum,
flan to reaching wash in eberten 
crom per honest whirple, 
hailin Scotchie hendersal. 

Handled with a plumb line’s deftness, 
aptitudes emaciate a laudatory archway, 
delving into offered resins; swing the sun 
to central, into ephronotic cree, down on
her tenemba glower, marty aftil soom, 
espargi hoctile fragrant eyeful 
embers black ta moonin arb. 
Helping a sworn deputy, thrill seekers 
ride the fastest neural locomotive, 
gargling cheap soda with framed 
manila voters, fencing off ampersands 
of youthful need, blurtin “Ayeyes vooroom!”
where bogus pewter’s hidin sleap. 

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