Wednesday, June 27, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett


Lunk rat my ,seeded shawl sky
,damper ,blood tomb ,race of th
umbing f orks hah  )head(  d
ense sleeping on the lentil p
late  ))yr core cough((  st
utters yes olvido of the
lunked desk  !mailed ,bones
,rabbity an the gristled c lock
suit short steamy wrath n
odding in my sweat force
of cheese ,wheels ,dog teeth
.)))my awful water(((  an the ice
contraption clouds  ))))peluca se
pulca pe loco((((

...loosely waded in the scrawling dirt.
- P. Ile


ni pppústula ni grano pppos
terior tus tetas ppplen
itudinarias  y pppor ppplectro
,pppor sopppa de pppapppa
y meada pppor nopppales men
ores y pppulmón  ¡ay sondeo
del lapppsus ppplatus ,pppo
rquería diamantina de
tu gorra intestinal  !)ni
pppan ni lupppus lapppbio
mi ppplomo(   )))sepppelio
de las muertas del no
rte sin sepppulcro es el
pppaso pppalma ,ppp
almos y pppulgas ppp
enetrativas y ppperdidas
,itinerario del pppositivilismo....

...she was coughing what the rain forgot.
- G. A. Bécquer 


less than cheese your so
apy flake conniption
,fit for ralph sandwich
and a slugged meat a
ball corner fleeling weak
o shapeless simper ,)work
at least for me( ,was
more than lip thirst m
ore than towelled sky
))¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯((  the brea
king fork  )))soon the
chittering bowl(((  ))))yr
dog clocked seen((((
)))))less than slabbed
ham drink(((((  “my c
loudy water dri
pping from your shoe” agua muerta en el mar atontado.
- C. A. Carío



dot sore mode my sh
irtless flueting save the
lung for sandwich and a
sleep)  ))washing in the
murder water”((  (  brui
sed  c l o u d s  dr
ooping ,shaved my arm my
contfusion viscous in
my hat my dor mer of
dusty wasps and brittle
ants legs in air the
fallen corners punto
final y mis lagbios es
cupen el titubeo de tu
pena de tu “alba fingida”
smeared across the wall

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