Wednesday, June 20, 2012

text || Lewis Gesner

From Obbligato Spring Relapse (a text in progress) Lewis Gesner


The forbidden confidence
Of hard typhoon rains
Bends preparation and sand
Bag to it -,
In the grape
In the run off and the
Brew of circulated
Matter –
In arrays
Of language and
A soap made
Tea and snail –
Pilgrim shoulder
Simulating, prefabricated point –
What am the is in a.

And the unclaimed – the turns were sorted by impression on a floor pad -, found unburdened by what was that, the man is victim, with the fat removed -, wasted by the focus that unsuitable in application lured a promise in – to the portion made – for plans, preserved destruction.

What is the sex of the clam, its short attention span, and desire for rest – the razor tractor and atmosphere filter – slumber and a shroud, beast doll collection the gnawing hosts of calibrations – slack passage – forms born for affixing to the body of the actor’s gift of grace – confirming through extraction, numeric  fortunes in serial choice and feature gradation – obligation to receive in white – bound ceremony – carpent perfection – presides the field in costume – limberly then dry – black sky’s wind –
folded with elastic haste -

us in traps, us is one additional to other test use – running the state conforming to accidental shock, the static spraying and the white crest – then family in an emblem, following the set theory, crabbed – then the location emergent plan appear – sound blocks, digestions and description move away from uses –  with narrow set, distinction coarse is equal to refined – plots activity contour, subset -.

Would know this correct by done-ing well placed flurry waves of attention, in an even relative still as even settled in the current -. Well plots, twice, three, recursively amended by a causal -, -. Act.

A brace holds up a spring supports and makes resilient setting – fire washer, green, flames with feature not temperature but those proposed to serve a simple, short hand sense -. Wind section, steak section, percussion, reeds (for breathing) submerged in planetary speculations – sure for what wild boar brought – game smell – rutting – curse of fates -. Shallow pool detectively. Can be guarded in protection, three modes, imbalanced, returning to a ventral pin for weight, once bent hangs, twice. Ventral link, riding against a fine metal edge too much too pushed down, lost volume -.

Nothing was prepared, - supply, removal skin epidermis – seedy cake, droplets capture -. Forces connecting thin tissues across variously and geometrically perfected gaps -.

Picture that then the, inflated object’s baseline -. Hold, backed, then, the sight’s mist - . Having, to own appearance, the flowering of flat sheet wondering, blue, marbleized corners -.

Traded for entangling, light bulb, soap, conspiracy west soil front wells, boiling moose caldron Rose petal bones pepper, rust. Where one is split comes two.

Facing high the heart and secondly another also filled the same with function and a sign -…

And then a sack or bag is used, and clear as cellophane but made of eye lens, hanging from the side, it warns, though warming, too, below, the future purposes resolved imagined in an end with saddle bags of organs, as with retort to the side asides a word of treatment to a flow –
End of excerpt.

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