Thursday, June 7, 2012

poetry || Felino A. Soriano

from Quartet Dialogues

Of saxophone


wound then representing stone this

circuitry of serenading whispers

            among this lavender of focal distance, creative cushion of
realized ambulation within dusk
                        of silvery dimension


realized palpitation


sedentary vision…

relayed optimism or
nuances, gradated
systematic within approach an
elongation of trust then remarkable
balanced of the fractioned
  heard/listening result amid declarative interpretations

Of bass


in the dreaming devotion of
devout intimacy
                        in the wearing of others’ comprehensive
misdirected                 interpretational                   proses

relies then on process’
vernacular of mistrusting mirrors
elegant in the silvering of aged transgressions
                                                in its gilded reasoning
curtail such wearing of bronzed halos this tiring repose
echoing into significant
obsessions       organized        in the hatred of a misleading self
obtained through the listening to/of
multilingual renditions of a voice’s
                                                                        delegated emotion


sameness saturates—
controlled striations
with-grain wholeness
of lacking proprietary
motivated intertwining
galloped into awareness
symbol stutters into
simple redirection of
mind’s elongated motive

Of drums


in the obsolete corner
            benign in the quoting of a silver examination

democratic persuasion the art of watching
:                                                                                   here thus

motives incorporated invited suggestions
            smiles from root of simile organics

thrust →insert rhythmic← devotional harmonies
examining blur of the winged meaning my

                                    motional articulation bangs
in the hearsay fathoms of listen ing, ing, etc.,

paradigm silhouette rescind then an again version of allurement’s

subtle evidence


pulse ::harness::
pulled, coherence                    coordinated
                                                rim-husky                    widened enunciation this

plural of blue dissipates
softened; of an earth
rotating rearwards

around the elongated moments of
this hour’s fractioned acts

                                                                        soliciting deliverance then again
            depicting a mirror’s
woven discrepancy, opinionated more so
curious into distortion of truth’s misaligned

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