Tuesday, June 26, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett


tïny sugarkkkk ,high kkkkmute speeder
note’s the forkkkkk wheel ,kkkksprayed the
single stonekkkk notside ,kkkklam
ination in the kkkkdoubted sinkkkkk
kkkkmutation where I sankkkkk my
kkkktongue your fockkkkus on the
swirlingkkkk drain to where my
disappearkkking facekkkk reversed
its kkkkcourse  )yrkkkk adolescent
diary buried inkkkk in smelts(
))cornkkkk syrup dryingkkkk in yrkkkk
hat((  )))my boiling kkkkwatch
loot(((  infusionkkkk dribblingkkkk
off the tines kkkkwhy skkkkweaty
neckkkkk why  ))))fingkkkkers

...l’eau abominable de mes doigts.
- M. U. Lulation


wrote past socking I mute
met severed shaver combed
the tuna salad pocket b laze
cor e s and min d w
hump and ***be es*** yr
b log s hoe yr ,w heels s
leeping in my ,nad a mem
ored in the heavy shorts I
drop ped be side the toil
et w here yr see n re
membstruats my   ◦◦◦)h and
b oiled in the cor n(◦◦◦
))the halted fur sinks,,,((
)))ooo”bubbling shoeooo(((

...lorsque boue, lorsque langue...
- Jean Benítez


eeling ,slowing ,shading ,c
locking ,paging ,tombing ,m
aking ,docking ,farting ,c
hanging ,pissing ,phoning ,s
heeting , sleeping ,moulting ,n
aming ,drying , pilling ,b
reaking ,gazing ,gauging ,k
nowing ,mindlessly ,baulking ,p
lunging ,g aging ,dressing ,un
dressing ,grimacing ,hugging ,s
creaming ,not toweling ,breaking ,l
addered ,mumbled ,blasted ,th
inking ,crawling ,standing ,k
illing ,facing the luggage p
acked for tomorrow ,s
welling ,roiling and crow
ded “like a lake full of

pulgas, libros, ojos...
-D. Or. Mido


meat an mutter the ,aftergrow
sweaty on yr half-worked back the
grunty sun figured in figured out my
slack  )mask(  ,crisol imbuído la
,pantomima imbuída ,de lungs and
rabbits ,time to thaw and time
to ,frozen leg glitters in the free
zer  ))plunger((  )))dot clot(((  mor
ning metal ,blots against the wind
owed sky  ]]]]dizzy be[[[[  f
ore the ,breezy slivers time col
,lapsed yr lunk phonetics or
pork rendition sammich some
ding wheeling on the back porch
motaphysics the nest for one
known ,then gone

I am a lunk.
-Blaster Al Ackerman

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