Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 poems || John M. Bennett


blind washer clouummmmuutttteereed
mmuuttee tthee spoon conttaineed ,yr
divinattion ,silencee spokeen ,loott
ruummbleer nor ,mmy ask tteentt
)¡whisttlee!(  lúúmmeen nortteeño
uuna carreettrreera con cabeezas c
on piees y mmanos ,bolsas neegras
de plásttico y ví eel platto dee
hígados y seeranos ...o la nada
veeía ...préésttammo deel fin
.ttu shitt commía and yr
bowl mmeemmptty leeg ree
ttuurneetto a drying puuddlee
e e l d d u u p
ttiny car glistteening in suun
- a wall of floweers – mmeeatt
an mmis t  t : :  :   :    :     :      :       :        :

“, plein de boue”  mr. de Ténir



sshell waass ccoughing blocckk
ssaacckk bissturí invissible
,fonología ccaasstaa y vaaccíaa
maass putrid ssocckk door
aate my aaim in firess ,fog
gaatess ,lipss or ,ccraacckk
ling maazess – breaath of
ssiglaas ,tumis russting in
the jaarss crusshed in ho
less  ))river craasshing down
the mountaain~(( ~  ~  the
aage of livered laakkess
my tongueelessss esstuaary
where I aate the plaate of
...beaanss...  ))))))))ssky ,rudder

...y tragó el comprimido – C. E. Rote


the ssorted sshadow chimess a
cor nur mured where my lap
ssed th ought’ss a crissc
raw  ))meaty foot mile((  ah
dang led russt ling in the d
rain my ssee med t haw
a ss pelt leaf de lettered
ssp ring deletreadoss loss g
ritoss in son deadoss la ssom
bra del ssissmo  ]]ful
minante[[  “sslept beneath the
dusst” the towerr ssplit the
tongue lathered toward the f
inal para graph  )sseeping
ssailing ,sstinging greasse( 
was the wind a fork ?

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