Monday, June 4, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME art au d alt
from The Nerve Meter
fragm epressi
W ri o tex haghl[
 WRIN. woh ead innce
 Sh uld b de str yd ea oets
. se  th it o rwh t haa lreay  
ee cr atd, hw eer be utifl a n
, tht  petrifie  fo ce, ted ete mim
 rug crystals.   .

      ne litea re.     

      I a a toawich i thsl, I hvtrancribdly te pain of a abortiea.

cts, an eferecet rce stae belevenoe na volen darns wthwhich
Istrgged      are lst n te hsof.  I      I am a ofmy fors wth of (he the
 pain f an objct, an efervescnt grining of fores  suspend point       —a
nd yet with imlseswhich come from th cofronatio of y foceswith thee
siz), in    I hae sired no frther—e iersed in a tormented ni,.;;;,’,;’;];==

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