Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 poems || John M. Bennett


pawed mmmffoorrmm but leffft
Prrootheseus giggling in mmy cooorrr
nffflakes yrrr  )ffffist sugarrrrr(
clefffmmmy cooontent in the
Cave  )rrrrrain an fffffingerrred
clooooouds(  the windooow trapezoo
id fffffilmmmed with webby dust
an blurrrrrrr I ate a booook stung
beneath the toooth a  )mmmmmufff
ffled stooorrrmmmm(  the
ooowl with woooooden wing jag
uar cooon plummmas de nyloon y
yoooo mmmffffffummmmé la mm
mmmazooorrrrca anooochecida
en la booocapuerrrta el agua perrrdía
,y secooo mmme animmmmé a su
mmmmmmmirrrrrr r  r   r    r     r      r       r

...so my leg in the mirror...drinks...  – T. L. Aloc


ffffflung the stung ffflame lamp
affffter shoe I ffffffaced the
ffuunngguuss shore the wall fffff
lute my luuuung pouuured into
the luuuuuggage where my uuuuuuur
nnn’s broke  )knnnnots annn(  skinn
my door ignnnnored yr ,nnnoose
,nnnnnnostril ,ennntrannnnnce to
the gggummy throat foggggg higgh
ggggggristle gggrowls in my s
leeve the snoringgggggg ggggate’s
uuuutter  )fuuurnace(  fog ,f
ire ,pluuuunder focuuuuused ,on
youuur sleeping puuuuutz uuuh
)sssaussssage sswallowed ,wasssss
sssssssky wasss osssscillation ssh
aped “sssshallow wass ,yr sssocksssss   s”

in the weeds ,a foot                    L       


the denser danse flakey
suit buried with the
turkey bones your fog
scandal rested ,restless
.the mail the nostril the
rutabaga swims in piss
.O bailar infomentados los
pasos informáticos sud
oríficos en el encuentro
perdidos ...  mucilage o
motiphage I’s gag g
ing turned and ch
urned away the hole
not so deep but s
leeped enough to
end my hopping

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