Saturday, June 16, 2012

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

Rud[eto]mato [do]leful[bal]e
Re[mem]beri[n]g[fo[odet[teve t[ted
Dri]n[k]in[ase[cond] thi[r[dlywa[she]s
Mo]n[ster]stog[ut]teral[so[und]swal[ lo
]w Wil[l beag[ o]od[su]n]da[y  cond] thi
…from  ArtaudRefluxions
…blurters desolate fastenedcastles reachat|| toner tintear tunetoe to e earthorns glintoffforknebuloussunday sprakled retch baptismadumpthe nOhaveitdossier finder club spacer small stemfall all…jackintrade port
slamfly dunkers forast machinedformlayover poncie rook destroystuck into gib ole se fleurs developed adnests heists freight payolaflip snim ditchupon thede ameter  wade wart acnerpilstfroth succumbing
avoidvoid ing chi itchit mast storm brocade to men tion paralysis3fold harpingineff ableonly indesertsart
taudsa id spermastart yr engines roat rotate preciselyrepoerted soul  thede  ameter wadeincisivechaos
(YO-86978-81) citricaCID dunkers fo|rast markers drainmulch asidarta ud lugga ge ar tart foamance
Appr eciative audience confuserechohf or dining [eyepullyraftersswim 0940382 pre sence in  1 11 123  2 smock eva guein nocent…………incisive cha osWindiner WindMine ver plea          tertes t ill                                 eh                                                                                     ver 
POMErits …[from ArtaudRefluxions]
can the morning behave with  cloister toast?                    mining of  rosesauce
does the depressed suit represent a ‘blasé’ manet?        pocketweeds only are’dew’
how can a preferred coat  cost an anthology?                   spliced thistle
how can this pocket finemill a critic?                                           distance hovers
can identifying a fluteolin praise the daystream?               hiking beneath the sod
can an esphere ha l ve the context?                                      rolling dusttrea sure suffers

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