Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 poems || Denis Beznosov

dusk no a woman

mind thelast much as instance
laps her vehemently inorderto rescue
let me put and leaveadrop the idea
possessed alittleinpublic themole
feetlikeone wakeup doing so
belacqua trimming yessaid orlavender
oxter hadapalpitation uproariously
thethirtythird walking atthismoment
handresealed whoeversince consummations
this agony au plaisir perched highripe
change blotomphaloses shedanyway 

egg jointed

and sutler charging
with come half
own it the
and epidermis should
fourth flung hatch
morbid a that
thrown watery self
bacon her believe
redemptor bold the
are i towards
spare longer munch

sigmar polke’s suit

overcrackling plunger mem
brane aminoacidly mime
gesticulated them they
shriveled courtesy out of his
brain with gaseous mi
xing inventories lists esti
mates you lost draft timbre he
was draggedout overland ears they
fibers of waves dumped in
flour him who allowed to
last shot to drop
your you won’t refuse now
is draggedout into the chink
from everyone who was humiliated
in his imaginary study ficti
tious gestures you’re cock
ing a microphone they
iteratively don’t recognize him


to o.lindsann

mgid arap selffirk rowem afr nopuh cuo tevit cejbot cejbus miat
cejb o subjectsubjectsubjectsubjectsubjectobjectobjectiveriffles
riff les digm ject

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