Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 poems || Keith Higginbotham

Big Love Circles

the keystrokes wicked hinge drastic brought electric wood running on burying up above below turns an undoing to spoiling holy than caves that crystal on need of lit stars

parking in skyscapes thumbs the saga that downturn about privilege, about hats paradigm muscles nothing circles creaky suburbs drastic opens masterpiece back door for full frequency

lighting hymns smashed fields can desperately lemon descend that bearing sent the fur cycle the caves thrown lost into the treason breathe the television turn downturn down

Align for Cartoons

I listened but designed others & the boxwoods & the country poets the sighing streets of tribal tickets the windows room in the symptom bushes sign

I buried the doorknob the ruining: inward weight: top escorting where misconduct not the brother's pickled garden choice supplanted, portal; avenue through

a bad elsewhere our weight limited wilting shed out of jockeys bright through finagled of circling the eggplant avenue assault anchoring being perhaps happiness; period comma

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