Wednesday, May 2, 2012

three texts || John Pursch


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Gradual sleepage, black to angled drops of soothing vests, ambles forth to racing cores and ample spiders, weaving neap trials for the staggering few. Feet fall lightly into chords of spurious bloom, floating on a chasm’s wealthy lot, clicking into hoppers and chucked laundry seep; breathless in their rheumy drainage peat. Hocked pendulums doubt the plurality’s chosen game, etching an abutment with integral frames. Whacked by pestering trivial pies, aces pile into haystack corners, slamming barnyard entrails with nautilus blueprint chalk. Stretches of panned creameries endear us to floozy alerts, rumpling a trained defector’s double cloth eraser mitten, holding on when ribald dentifrice was culled from elocution’s missing date. Doors shield elemental wattage from summer’s loopy daze, handing crawlers an archival quality cocoon. Events remand effeminate zealots, quoting a flagrant pierce rotator, ending all drought. Spoon-fried and clipped, a treasonous tiler meanders back to ankle country, wobbly and specious. Heat warns the eels of addled aquarium salesmen, proving groundless, yet useful in a styrene setting. Hefty braziers smirk into thoughtless par-four Sundays, quickly crazed and semiotic. After only a movie’s pineal sheath, quizzes careen off-world, rendering habits out of blind windage, caressed and dimly crude. Claustrophobia hammers into prenatal fists, sucking on tent nooks for barge detail. Socks walk off a cliff, hefting slumber teeth in caramel buckets, wholly registered for the cloning tour’s renal oomph. How determined the next botched specialist’s wombat will be is strangely down to fluid champs and racecar coats, applied hermetically. Uttering rice crouton spiels, the dinged and spattered harlot grates at wooden whodunit stances, reactive and special. 


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