Friday, May 25, 2012

3 texts || John Pursch

Housewife Sandwich

What we have seen is veiled by lost inklings of a calendar’s sweet malaise, turned to trailers in a domed statue’s choral vacuum. Selfless terms simper into turnstile vendettas, sidle up a planter’s christened façade, and immunize a cartwheel, frying whimsical altars at dawn. Jettisoned by germinal artichokes, a fluffy pedal pusher sears the rows of gearbox gowns with lame therapies, ceding the high ground to crammed jungle props, repelling sequined minerals. Easing into the seaside enclave, bracing for embryonic whist, a sharpened seed finds solar lassitude in edgy worlds of final luxury, remanding egrets to the waistline caboose. Freighters bob in the beans of baying gamers, sprucing down a fluke’s dorsal coating. Moot entendres speed in silent trance to stenciled op-art bassinets, plastering housewife sandwiches across a porn star’s looping, bridled gnu. Emory tape ejects reported bits, emitting practiced sinecures of cherished southern whey. Bushy concepts heed a tuna’s growing blob, blushing at the garbled phylum’s docile pronation bid.

Amption Krutil Inore

Ortimon flob quonter 
itious plumany, greben 
monchter eeth epsilon 
blentie und spensil. 

Whedgington grastle 
en courtian, tendermen 
flein emperlon orrier 
soudle maf, aning lawnies 
per heffle, swoudgle 
octorong tamber furine. 

Scret chinoot anarticon 
quedgles paromiton 
spetchies und hemperin 
lieds. Brontial aximers 
crinchy galonical, 
amption krutil inore. 

Wino Reset Bladder

Redundant scars absolve cerebral ladles of all encrusted tarps, leering and guffawing, hovering beneath a bottom shake routine. Chaining seamless artisans to strolling rock marriages, societal mares winnow the florid entries, parting pants for cooling hose lies. Rebuttals kiss antithetical barcode slammers, grazing halftracks with octal pelts, freaking over avian umpire skits. Tendencies to home in under radome glows lead a crowded boxcar to curried transom clues, renaming prehistoric fences. Ovals cleave archaic sisters, spending clarity’s largesse on vicious segments of unpopulated brie. Steady depth mesmerizes the barge, crimping pointed triage pews with cocktails made for paper-cuts. Perspiration bleeds through offhand mules, asking camshaft kitties for daycare clackers or dreaming lassoes. Shifty handsprings crush cholesterol counters between encoded thighs, clanking out of tombstone cars, spattering wimpy urgings across the scanner’s silver. Corrected monkeys wig out for nominal effusion, blindly corroborating a meatless surfer’s greeting-card truce. Horns defy all nascent ordinances, fueling each alley’s wino reset bladder with pointedly startled antiques, darkening a risky prune. Soon propositioned tunnels will wean a bathing chutney’s frosted lowlife of its grazing phobia, covering the stockyard with stylized beets. Hoot at freely mown omens, slacking off till no one spells an impresario’s itchy pylon.

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