Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 poems || John Pursch

Frenetic Throne

The yearling weighs a seasonal platter of tender municipal graphite, warning a putter of impious waterfall ploys, panning terminal jingles with toothy placards. Drums roil, warts careen off peerless welts, and newly spotted grooms infect the heaving chassis with rashly angled feats. Shades of sheet music entertain a guessing game’s sister of matrimony, hocking childhood for hourly grist, grown by the century. Aimless and peering under wagon truces, general implosions convert legendary patches to everyday paths, Brownian and ill-defined, flipping bitwise latitudes for shortened treadmill use. Handoffs preclude the shuttlecock, crafting infant cider from incorruptible vermouth, splashed by ambidextrous flunkies on crossword frazzle necks. Phlebotomy sets in, yielding sloped wickets, jimmying the glowing horn’s foveal basement tine, halting at a duodenal etching. Bowling flourishes against an onset’s florid tomb, ignorant and blazing, setting neutered operatives after poshly resected fiefs. Domiciles eschew compartment jeans, freely imbibing a third drumstick’s artful cage, regardless of initialed capers. Semantic flutters span the blushing swath, hatching mental shinpads, crashing a partially impaled changeling into stability’s sunlit ardor. Berths fuel the pyre’s vaulted incentive, spraying human secrets on axial bloat’s frenetic throne.

Oggerif Ikes

Olan smouzien arfs, 
endet crenob und 
ooterlooms pera 
crumerie socht, 
grenafi eltenphlie 
tourminal wouch, 
cronoufen chender 
sen hodgle. 

Plaxum gautil animous 
scheptel pueronamel ziegen, 
ephogsal menbariet’s septher, 
ochied orandumen cloppet 
en orteminous unsline noum.

Iridential fluchartimines 
pleanse dascht eigerde
meidal munificine rheuts, 
etchentier krein phosticles, 
plen muterine oggerif ikes.

Tin Hammock

Crepe operands smear percolating gypsies down cylindrical halls, bleary-eyed and touched by bales of wickered finery, melting into charmed neophytes. Peristalsis jabbers at hidden eternal moons, angling for fleshy wire halters, groaning into a collapsed awning’s only barkeep. Swapping torment for easy chariots, circular mastiffs freeze supernal racks of farmhand sneezes, doling out an armature’s higher feature, phlegmatic and subdued by worms. Dietary embers endure, imbued with swollen altimeters, hitching a halyard to safer poles of harsh Anglican magnates. Speeding for an altered dream’s agoraphobic bleat, copper collars tighten, grabbing knotted gurney kits, shaking ape marauders till they boil the splenectomy’s pleasing pinwheel. Points of disinterment rest their closet chasers, dashing wrought vinegar on icy rows of cucumber malts, servile and appropriately raucous, given the nooner’s crescent swoon. Old and stranded in memory’s tin hammock, our bony estuary angers enchanted usurers, ushering out the bridal fleece, meting in the unmeshed quotient’s lasting Dorito. Elders hinder tinsel grams, spilling neighborly wards, tumbling prone gown makers into tugboat cues. Horizons breed septic actions, lashing ominous prescience to a tipsy motive’s laminar brow, curried with bioflavonoids. Flooding the octagon, mastery implies dearth, freely heating the backbeat’s blue intent.

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