Thursday, May 17, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

It should not be time to go to sleep. The white clock can be pushed to yield a glow
of time we might agree upon, an early hour. Seasoned by consensusgravity.
In time, we elbow our way toward, or imitate, a stream. Or lie still unto the quiet
summer insects further drying in an even atmosphere. I grow accustomed
to the stylus. Patent pending emergencies-to-come release within us
everything without. I hold you in my evening arms and bless the silence you
have wrought. As god is. My witness protection sounding gallant as the poise
the nubile penitents refuse to leave away. I take my centerpiece of heart in vain,
and punctuate its calculus. If I were bread, I would have been substantiated
or transcendent, in your words. I live tossed in your words, and I arrive at various
precise mathematical points where I derive alloted pleasure that is mine, by
statute. I salute you for your aged heart rubbed new again. I invoke the
presence you relax into, call it my running stream, my indivisible aspiration,
my annunciation. Years are little showcases that remind me of the temperate
smooth clock. I touch its face, as I remove my concentration. Water is like this.
Air so resembles other elements. The earth is what the fire relieves. Void hastens
our arrival. Wind carries us through every tense.

Saplings, degrees of viscosity, the flow one may resist

Sheila E. Murphy

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