Tuesday, May 29, 2012

poem || Jeff Harrison

Porphyry Ziggurat
avaunt Virginia
reveille amaranth
drillbit cumulate
Appius phosphorus
    many guess the night and become ghosts
acrolith urchin
Virginia picture
convulsive masonry
sunflower Appius
    rain fell without knowing a wingbeat
hubbub ossuary
backtrack Appius
gooseberry abscess
Virginia incurably
    I wish sense in syllabling bright the scales of sirens singing
Appius ruffle
rum completion
acrolith Virginia
throstle diplomacy
    "poison" to Porphyry is Paradisiacal for "forest"
bother chomp
gooseberry Virginia
allotted bluebonnet
Appius cumulate
    oh! how billow your gleams, Memory!
Virginia perforce
morrow picture
quadruped Appius
dissention phosphorus
    echoes do immobile steadily grow
backtrack umbral
Appius ziggurat
subfusc ruffle
throstle Virginia
    a last question of Homeric mechanism, or...
hubbub Appius
"avaunt spheres
psalmists hear...
Virginia completion
    ...of giant épataphysique, reads the riot act, or Baudelaire, to...
allotted Appius
...coarsest airs
conquer care"
Virginia amaranth
    ...your horses of porphyry, O sources of puerile diagram!

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