Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 texts || John Pursch

Soggy Flies

Charismatics plunge above tramline stairs, swinging weakly for the derailed tomb, switching to foreign lesions in lieu of entry-fee heuristics. Squeezed blotches face an envious torpor queen, stipulating medical homilies to rage between a carnivore’s few sales events. Outer elders trample beached panoramas, pejorative and aloof, trying suborned circuit spiels in sacked and tailored booths. Kneepad whiskers issue wispy antlers, tearing down dreamt apertures, emergent and mixed with spun mittens. Fruit patties fill an omnivore’s family train, cobbling off a serial moocher’s lust for weed patrols. Divided subalterns put short hippies into mutant icons, swapping dishrag razors for cheetahs made in Spain. Truncheon brew, served with rising enmity, sweetens a cardigan’s worn sleeveless ire, clattering to discussion portal fumes. Replicated docks partition anonymous jingles, rendering troves of endearing warps from sidecar casket news. Teary orators peek ahead in lactose hells, breathing solid fur, rippling real itches for a dozen soggy flies.

Floxie Mobertrak

Cartrodginous phelter moun 
emier glinton bantudimal hemt, 
eajen trin sempoch exiter 
prome chistula. 

Exum whootch inte scremulot frieg, 
anker choot orple stemph inchenture 
prond efuliam achorine squelt, 
prenning zondunile cheeth, 
archen flugal semir. 

Dronier proozen graplemark, 
luftabai krom benderpreit, 
samtibune etchenzie 
octer grene chur. 

Snockin fure dreu ichenbar, 
wettel zoiper fronken 
alipreit ormantile heid, 
arp ontie floxie mobertrak. 

The Philadelphia Experiment

Cresting moats offset any feudal armpit’s flaccid niche, lasting well past scolding time, evaporating at a measured psalter’s gangly gradient. An intermittent ensign flickers topside, smudging the foggy seawall, blending gray tension with cunning, hammered into sweet clouds of barking sprouts. Barely scudding above peristyle dregs, the mariner’s glower turns to ivory signals, morphing shaky wheelhouse crones to salad, resting dangerous divers for a fortnight. Oilers meet with carnival shepherds, feeling their dazed rainbows, shielding heaps of lampooned gentlemen from momentary beans. Meanwhile turns to after hours, singing braided oxygen, firing the cabinet, eclipsing newly janitorial seedlings. Transitions defame a handheld finger, sketching ornery ochre timers, planning astringent boomers in tenderly affixed knaves. Naïve drummers swelter to the stone’s thrown idolatry, certain that spartan chances will slobber wooden droplets. Weirdly doting seminar pollsters hover nearby, complicating daubed crucibles.

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