Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 poems || John Pursch


Whetchin con foldie, 
sparcian quarrier, 
whans yereblean partion? 

Heps dourangian 
entrimal plogans, 
what quanch lein 
horogi spume? 

Whelly cobentian mootereens, 
aslarched und camberin 
arsical moutain, goreinious 
abelchin ontameter.
Fluicid maraud, 
inny actualar issuance, 
prentil encoulioth swashpuckie, 
elmintof hemmings in togo-tagene. 

Ominous Encircled Hands

Special preambles fill the drying heir’s mystical gait, sandblasting a spherical haven with jellybeans. Arbitrageurs earn a wounded diver’s neglected Eggo, pleasing past mesmerists with warm, exotic mirrors of an imminent murmur. Plumping fruity sills, a wandering pall bearer plays rumpled onionskin platters for the hosed and hopped-up jailhouse suits, knitting baton holes in chests of knicker baker tunes. Bark revolves on stationary limbs, lumbering through eerie ponds of isthmus runes, gloving an umbral malfeasance. Bells ring in the setting tide, clearing lettermen and stragglers from scoresheet gruel. Panting out a countermanded pointillist’s pontoon branch, bonking rum runners bumble into Flemish line dancers, looming under ominous encircled hands. Musicians empty docents of their roomy crowns, pouring scenes from phlegmatic concerns, wilting in a basker’s unfounded noose. Ostracized terns reactivate a nucleotide’s stern advisor, lacing an awning with eyelet glee. Tubular octagonal berths welcome a brackish envoy, tabling his oily berm, citing trimmed termagants.

Opsen Quo

Emptor ecouvertar 
agliming whelt, 
precksy blastifomal udge, 
yintiliar unt kremer 
stong cureet. 

Helfing trog spietch, 
aurim ertels proodin 
sepharistum grapulus, 
smelcht untegumintle wante.
Pleudgie octir phrendue liest, 
onner bustian whaegern aine 
screps trebucklin hott 
in spiezet cruith, 
endumerating splinar trage.
Opsen quo, 
treleachin optard whomenites 
archred sim ormiphanter, 
reculin dantine.

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