Thursday, May 17, 2012

poetry || Peter Ganick

from tablets: nature-some-where - 2

    An afternoon: ochre sunlight probes
through a window's tones, the amnesty
of silence.
    Where waiting begs to slumber not,
to epicenters of minds' motion, an
awash-fading sumptuous volition where
pristine lacquer smothers natural wood.
    The camber of trick or trust, no
largesse more multiple than patterned
elation held under tracks for the coast-
ed-into upswing. Negatives of treason-
ous application approach. The unforce-
ful ring of push-pull escapades tunnel
down through its provenance.

    ... while protection is houses for
tides' dispersal, small sightings of
prevention dig unto surface
solidarities. Candor of narrations
(‘there are too many stories', was
saying ... ) on another breath, kiss-
returning, told scarf to melody.
    With manners of perception,
quickness pro aventura is disin-
clined for relatedness' context-
ually-paved entrepreneurs, toler-
ably zithered from avarice.
    Smile! or do not seem its folding
in retraction, so marred threats
of compacted risk, brigands re-
load to crumble agony of night's
spiral, up-cast carding rendered

    Why arch at waiting's    
crenulla? The condensation
epitomizes a pattern morn-
ing hadn't seen. Rarely wait-
ing long, or not, in the dread -
apathy mode, skeletal bases -
are transformed to spirit-fac-
ing-color. Mood seeks its
dispersal, before vanity is
referred, guest holograms
anchor the traffic girdling
the proud city. It's pious citi-
zens never known to term a
false label.
    Unstructured as it goes,
the poem's isolated ducts
and funnels, as if a tornado
floods through an epilogue's
    Weary as catcalls ovulate
in chickadees uncooped,
havens of both artisans, court-
eous on the sly blend go name-
less sitcoms on late night
caissons fending with icarus'
ascent. At mystery's incidence,
woven tracts draining tassels
are well tested from fisticuffs
in saltine's legions.
    A narrow hurdle voices
other distractions while will-
ful areas bristle because here
there is, therefore tones the
assertive admit willow turns
to. More timing for warmth
here as then, to some less
thought out inquiry predicting
what will resonate, by scop-
ing targets' possibles.
    Mandala to reign in, from
a seeded pittance, aggies
lament the literary object.

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