Friday, May 4, 2012

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfollo won2
quell kinser]pent
host cup     breach
earth[ istle   sprinkle
earth s o le[man prop
bondmen shep[ho ban
leet scrum nof]taner drug
buzzrod indifferent teleology
slam t]house   rug[mented  tail
threadmeaning  grug glee once
“silverefles s te e  nass  threshty
shouthemoth be fore voicertain
bravirtsassy words followords on
POMEpear s/\in 4
pphonicus nuncrts
short readpockettrumpet
1p h on icus nuoooo
                             , chu n k se
gilsh go [pit] uort
     ad e,,,....;
; ‘
2sa ladi tui fin bol,  mantl
                                .oop istre fisi
   da kaes,
                        rins fon dop leh
3li s boi
        Li ngsaop, irs h     ,
4    notsp eac hans
  pi fon                        gl ir fiew
                             4or mond s
                          HE1fltill greay
...from...Dead in Ethyl
name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’,  referring to "stuff".
In memory of emma for whom I spoke the following aloud
…dead in ethylglo windschanging mortuarypun kup hockeyfile musicskip soccer blaise flaskpak apuker slide drumthunder viovioskiphodge hed crater tympani fooldare askteoner to be truthed alone ata star remember wolverinewomb septemper surprised smocksmoking waitwill willifno sensed pleninsula oots tootin boots deceased longaged hung bushellors hushed floogers flagpoles dotting helperholes wholes orduroy arika tec ture pinnyweight  floods here eyes dryzone alongan alogy harmonical sulks body never anear crooked farce pianolesson diaper sheepfolkingrain college veracity fever branded sold safe guarenteed safe as shape money fort dier private loanco signer retten smuttyflesks emptout old signory icefloe loan sign oldpatron geeser down mud pudendascope sat on satori deflates itchm ewell experienced chinchin goop staying goats milk have thawed bright soandsuch sandwich arcana in exceptionalpungent odoursbleed goadhot sun mert  moma jinnies operation duffle nose rope foal soper default ways 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