Friday, May 11, 2012

3 poems || Vernon Frazer

One Less for the Road
the pineal leverage cantata
shuffles the beige tune lineage 
garner transformer down 
hurdle the turnpike bundle
a mumble against its troubled shade
no beverage left unturned
to ramble attuned to rage left
scuffed against the girder
verging on a surreal emblem
lone sonata the crudest term
defining in flaccid movement
the humbling border music
engaging the core inamorata
anneals a transmitter gown
while a torch song
plays to an entourage abandoning

Moving Style
regatta bloodline | transfer apparatus 
legion of the trampling aftertaste
an empire fragment status timing
mirrored passage to faded reply 
cycle adjourns before sundance
a phantom clipper nailing the wind
slipped ashore the regional mantra
cliffed the horizontal passion climb
ripping fixation patterns drip filter
amenities shirk badinage droppings
oral insulation welting on the core
a threat to instant terrarium mixtures
flipping over trails with a limping slide
a salt marsh avocado climbing errata
trails soon packs a syntactical overlay
bloodied regatta | apparent transport

Night Music
tuba batter 
the lydian scale a dormant degree 
cantos move to dominant 
lightening the need 
to plan stranger epic latitudes 
the formal cantors applied episodic
crush fury
to nascent crony gaming its ration
to fence toward the mending
stipulation rafters ensure
clef alignment
no mannered statue pattern
wed to clocking virgin downs
wreaking the weasel verities
down a warring footpath
no calypso embedded
when left
offshore to inbred devices
or stationed
for unwed brotherhood 
rhinoceros seedling 
a growth matter left unstated 

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