Saturday, May 5, 2012

poem || Heller Levinson

lamp upon consideration deliberates domain

assessment       assessor       pricing
priced into   into the price   priced out   priced out of
place – ment    → upon    → in       in — side    → in — stead
in good stead

one’s place on the earth
earth’s place
the universal assessor
property values reflect the currency of everlasting

                                                   -- scurrilous

                                                    -- bark 

 -- adumbrate 
                                    aiming for
           the aim of ... –
           passages –
                                   (ambush is aimless
                                         (air strikes are prestigious
passage contiguous with aim abuts journey
domain aims, asserts, directs, -- equilibriates

domain a passageway to journey
the possible upon the foreground of rinse

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