Tuesday, January 24, 2012

text || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 7

The arch of cumin, pest, torch,
which halved coned trouble
poured the fragrant cord of attic’s
gallant seers demented,
of the cancered jovial vestment
(the fort’s humbled corn the cargo graves
the treks hatchet’s swayed),
swain he offers to queen the busker’s descant
and yea sainted rule, whore’s manse:
mersa the thermal cave’s ha’s husband,
who affects sees not the dulcet concept
which in the lucent day marvels cabbage
during the cords of the negriod guides
hissed to his course acceleration
in quantum sub furors pardoned the vents.
Memos in renunciating tore the signal
stranger’s errand,
who in reclining the memos fatigued
suffers the grain whose vistas fine
his maddened bell, deploying emanation
in the vested roses his coil.
Saluted the toads courteously,
and admired no means
of the seriphs who corresponded,
the somber solicitations of runny pains.

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