Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 poems || John M. Bennett


shat tered thunderbird ,belt chigger
,use of cluck a pit of shrieking
clowns with razors encaminéme
pues ,muralla encrustada con mi
texto in staccato inlascado pulcro
y pulgamática con un ándale
angosto y hormigoso * * * sheer
lake≈ tumbling ,the bottle’s sh
ards my muddy palm gest
ured for a wind a sphere ● of
breath~ ,would murmur in the
noodle ≈soup≈ my doggy tongue
crystal spat upon your thr
one ,p eel and pee l ,knot
your leg ,the pustule’s spoon
fogged word held up be fore the


eat the shut arm dents a
(c.o.r.n) spoon chop chap ay
huitlacoche dreaming in the
moon O chore handle ,ick, tow
el stiff was door █ sticky П doo
r nah shoed but cracked e
nter i nter o uter een
drains my mooouotoh wa
vering≈ before the taco l
ogo tock lug ar ,la cuca
mandaracha spendiferous
mi peso fofo del AK47 men
tecatatónico bit down slow
an flows, flys, seated in the

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