Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 poems || John M. Bennett

Rem Embers

filling the school with | bought lungs I fly and snivel
lard a spoon reduction | stitching all that grinds
dances in the sticky clay | starving rags of jail
a viscous note’s reborn | mouth the limb’s deserted lust
was rodents on the scattered | dismembered wreck my pills’
hill my neck remembers | shattered thorn or moment’s fuzz
dusty desert in the north | stormed my dope and vicious
bags of pale garbage | whey bricks the single glance
blinded in the ditches | seduction blooms a shard’s
shrivelled dry I taught the | writ the pools spilling

Wh Eel

the muddy dawn inhales the | glow flotilla gaps the stream’s
cloud damper window crawls | stumbled sand the tree’s clanging
my grunting lunch contraption | object tripler and a check
clogs the fridge my claylike | door hand aspirates the stew
shorts thick around my ankles | real gangster like the crazy glue
o you gazed that hamster wheel | rankles sounds my dick’s mort
the vaseline and shore | day’s knife why bridged the bog’s
neck’s a dribbler closet’s | inaction bunch rutting dry
banging 3 AM the mumbled | wall pillow’s ample shroud
beans the lap tortilla o | he fails the lawn ,slow bloody one

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