Thursday, January 5, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Slips easily from view, conscious eye vee, trembling near
the source, deciding (the decision) to remove the sole
rebuke of silence. Would a pond amount to sleeves one
troubles in and out of? See vibrato in the foliage.
See bronze elaborate on autumn. See an altruistic garment
slide from hollow. Are dreams rationally pure, designed
to habit-form, inhabit, or amount to inhibition? Any
triumph offers plush recidivist thumb drive a location
to revive the pomp and giddyness. The get-up, the
commotion one imbibes, then falsifies to yield results.
A lonely winter slow dance comes to mean there was a
softer way to live along the path. The path, synonymous
with lifetime as we know. A pitch, thought pure, a

Tremolo misplaced along a grace note, young composer,
fully formed

Sheila E. Murphy

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