Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 poems || John M. Bennett


my spiral torch my rift leg my
you could’s itcher fold ,the
light flamer coughy off the
railing’s spat’s into ah wake un
spell the charper hair the
barking gulls’ plunged the
mind ,yr spanners ,the
stalling’s left ,a crown of
rabbit’s feet an oozing where
,craw yr nails a cross ,pull
et gobb et sock et’s wr
ithing plume my next .so
ritch the sky so ton gued the
soap so’s ,piltdown’s skull’s
,nor wormy sherds the weft
writ in ,slime I wandered far
to right an empty stream≈
,barely ticking in the dust


hop gash trounced not peldaño
imitado ni un muro folded
like yr tea pañuelo ,lentes em
papados con tu sangre con tu
risa con las pulgas emplas
tadas de tus dichos nec
róticos ,felpudos tus ojos
gristly too ,toward the shad
ow shirting in the door’s non
listoid necked ,a clambersome
one ,meaty deboned ,swoll
where’s scrawling up the
,bedroom full of mist and
hair my habit’s tower’s k
notted ,rabbity ,tumbled
in the all 5 corners in
the closet where the


; ; ; brack suit ╤ ╤ shell ti
me ○○○○ com/ba/t/an/t re
forma █ heel steam la≈c≈us≈
tr≈e ojo aguado de los Itzaes ●≈
haw the ~snake~ drawls ahead a
head ∩ )∩( it’s jail snore y
ou turd the slant / luggage
“whiff” of doorknob clothing
steaming in the toilet Ũ clods
an necks ~║ choke the sugar
mask ☻ crawling on your floor id
]coughing dreams the morning’s ash[
yr sleep ~= inside the sleeve’s
a dune ,nor rent ,a roof ∆
angled toward the dumpster hul
king █ in the alley ___▄__________

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