Sunday, January 15, 2012

poem || Anny Ballardini

Father, One year ago

commemorate the agony of Christ
the best of men / born in 1925
those were the times of piano and sax
rhapsodies in blue, Felix the cat
a distant accordion
for shushing winds

how can I celebrate you,
with the tight whiteness of my face,
the loneliness of fate, the lack of air
the carriage turned into a coffin
in an icy landscape the black envisioning hat-veil
loss anticipated by a feverish late 1800s image – the silence around and from
your silent scream
then and now
as I am_
I can remember Disney worlds, Santa Claus,
the pyramidal lemon ice I _ could choose the one I liked _
it has all crumbled
in my foresight when I woke up and cried
the white marble statue of you’d been dilapidated

I offer an orange bowl
with the lit grieving candle
of love

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