Saturday, January 21, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Teach (to think) while lavender already snowed upon the center
field of industry (that poise). Offer a cinder, that I might
uptake sweet (sweet) proprietary form. Are you arguably strong,
is there elan in your past tense? If you would only frame
responsible opposing. . . defeat means someone else (bequeathing)
leaves her words mid-breath. In depth the seasonal indifference
recalls a void. The syntax and the homily and tamped sea foam.
Or roasted laver to the finest . . . one relives one's view,
despairs of change. The tree one climbed, one wintered near
the cover of a magazine with gray. All eyesight, were the
words she used for me. She look at only my intensity. She asked
how will this one endure. How will she sit up and take food.
How will water taste. Will she survive. There are no questions.
There is a life span. There are letters. Leaves taken for their
betters in an image. The seed keeps (flowering). Fraction to
fraction. The behest of someone's mind, that person's life. A
structure or a surface or equivalent of cubic feet.

Lean-to, all the items gone, a system translated to dual-term

Sheila E. Murphy

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