Tuesday, January 17, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEtin ning

two players tinning a thistle whemp. fortuitous solici tations.

Lightning sundial . closed train gullet. formula tweezer tooting.

best ovens cleave in scatter. sitsleek close to art spit out on limbs.

call poem doodle do poos dle. crave napping thim blefulls cat pullies.

shyly spark tho slight windows. dither dribbling factories mortuarieshop.

transparent words cane belly hearts puddles tournaments carved balls song.

Two platers thinning. Swamping flavor kiss . cat socket player notch dis sing.

Sundial gullet lightening tweezers closed formulary artsock pullet cleave in scatter.

Catpullies tinning puddles. Crave carve dithyramb snap ping shopping window s light.

Allpoodles belly hearts dithering dabbling … git sleek close to art spit out on limbs. NOW.

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