Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 poems || John Pursch

Prentian Frien

Weir lockin ein stranckian plexial moun,
zeramitous kentibuli oxial trone,
or unto plein squidgian maphen baremit,
parooned bemint crein phloady sment of glawet,
paren de zeiner maleinem canout.

Hiltage and wordian angula treiniam
hodgen dein oathies perfactian adow,
und oliate ebviant oustle caniemitle
whoogle drast etchle’s enrupsier spreen.

Oncircle ous andicram preador ferama tomp,
execrian oodger of diria deet;
epausin or croaziat wenbelirjam orat,
plen whougen te samien, levelie moncti,
con ardle and prentian frien.

Yeti Collusion

Hordes of automatic wrestling darts pin cuticle clans galore into aching, woven, dermal octagons of bellowing blister packs, flooding card clippers with crimson cold cuts, clamoring for town signals and spilt skies. Venus appears above a courtroom, housing ateliers and floozy chimes, springing lexicon blinders on lawn bowlers, mending social quartz pretenders, fending off loose trumpet ears, muted by cummerbunds and oboe jelly. Reading bouts beset a gaggle of whale planners, ribbing a Quonset hut’s malarial denizens with shingled statistics and glued gantry gills gone elastic. Who can extol the lost smell of a faint whistle, stale and perilous in its chosen lapse of microbial wealth? Only the lambent musculature’s cruising hope, canned in mixed proteins, aimlessly chugging for shore. Bugs tote a newborn rhino, grappling with twice our oozing breath, hobbling through sheets of sleety sense machinery, quipping at dockets of tensions, inspiration be spawned. Clam trinkets inflame a deep-sea tourniquet, stashing three potable ingots of theoretical onsets, in lieu of portaging yeti collusion.

Mericost Plast Eberwein

Compagnotol impernoble quentifogle,
impandible fenuchian moontif hodge,
orchantian ifgle und spen monfantich oriond,
per fritch enbibular flidger hof dein enterule.

Ir hemin oodgle arct oomian efter mongal,
seizen diun crenular whooj int ben,
ventimular orchal tibonf.

Arso munian penchuf tirwhon,
dej oogan arn semintil, plen arbian munt,
fend zein quon moodiat spuit,
flen mindal in pluthage goweind;
son meirntal bilamian, crentobidar miln
odj hemerin pilg gorein.

Crimpon itchen feen edj hormelar reinof,
pars uminum enchent ind zemulin wilch,
kendomin ig grisket and phletch of de bilken pri,
whoud rumen end monitof croudl porteen.

Ent trempin tsein mericost plast erberwien.

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  1. "hobbling through sheets of sleety sense machinery" - awesome gibbon esq images