Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 poems || John Pursch

Anglen Fer Phreshies

Can floogal arameters preeng the felvent snurge,
austerbilial and chenict dons en smooterence,
wheether mon pentulem greason chathe flies
cudon plouds of hormant, silious croth?

Yer balken kad smercine brontibular awn,
doober and auspicially unbothied
into thrine moostie chonce arugens.

Poom ayentie ormal hitchraf,
pheximental and orpen upon
ein flome turen eetcher,
gravlen or anglen fer phreshies.

Kybarphel zein orran treinskel,
whoogling our amiturous mounstre,
ploffing up und espearence wipened
old bladdermen, housegon shaeperlie,
auxposed to gemtrone queets.


Flopping a spent orchestra’s malaprop piano, anxiety’s blue, possessive edge plays tournament whist at theaters near the origin, puncturing discussion groups with tethered elan. Hobbling among the planet’s girdled flesh, wrist keepers plant angora knockoffs on segregated, iconic patsies, implying pasty contusion kits. Semblance settlers move east, against the alternating current tryst, etching our final memories in plastic, granular cocoons. We fly, we shine, we slide up empty banisters of conscious intent, fallacious in our detrimental cause, fleeing toward angstroms of simulated wood. Peak canyons urge a bottleneck to shiver in the ambient forest, chipping rows of elevated towns from cliff pendants, flooding deer patrols with factoids, inciting polyglots to silent urgings.

Estermon and Erimon

Anchenflugen arch moulich and fromert
saminian gharuntle oomie effluxim,
when jeerant quodes espear ozine astrulage,
eponsified whiet speals begonged.

Chout urminal denteroph,
mauntered by our scutter,
eprunet and jamieraphlon,
chubbingly moxian,
genectian and scareen.

“Whidgency mobtainoth,
ouvered in the amb’s doriumped rimace,
malitoben and carpenal,”
a luxin pule of estermon’s crebb orangered.

“Ix, tureline chujump galein,
hatchy welmon gravine,”
spounted erimon’s ference apoun,
scettular and betwosen.

Greven der mounible bilities,
whance kenbuggle a floozin’s mert carute
and habajuckie hein mesi-hocal whaifcoat,
trainy roan tumine.

Twi-Night Doubleheader

A gemlike quality, springing from rhumbas recorded in palatial spark gap salons, adjusts our ocular etchings to seep just enough filtered eyewash through routine embers, granting purchase to the dogma. Dates fall, graven and orotund, timed by hilltop granaries, to tepid morality bins, caught in cottage rye sprockets, sluiced to frozen cheese. Central demographic motes preen a taste for mass moment yearning from census resolvers, humming atonal mirror shots, reveling in choice patrol amblings. Brocades imbue our alternating whimsy with panoplies of jet-fueled rectories and hallmarks of untimely girth, expelling falsely held, enamoured pinnacles. Glowing on a doubleheader’s stretched covenant, effusive cockatoos plead for underground spangles, settling for singular homing runes. Univocal wombats break bleating tambourines of annular ambits in orbital tutelage, trussing up a grassy newt’s art fair, mechanical and attentive. Turning to weathered, featureless omens, we spread whirled carbon, monetizing Vincent’s aural miscue, shaving wheat fields of honeyed pollen, bleaching the beeswax from blindingly indolent strokes.

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