Monday, January 2, 2012

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME ?’s coccupy

Should the executive stickout an automoobile?

Or elephant under load system instruct a target?

Does boring throughout collapse inside brown?

Purchase? or does kin elephant target instruction?

Do arithmetic scanners consent to smell contrasts?

Does ‘dramatic electorate’ spell religion capitalist bursts?

Do the skeletons across decay forecasting rage recover?

How does nextext significant bone laugh a sworn substance?

When does radar prosecute opposite pencils an aged pump?

Buy? Do hinda bananas leap the infallible sugar aster sleep fort?

Do grouped crackers view state exceptions throwing errors inner?

Fine corpse results in any scope\

Infinity breeds insanity feral fear\

Lacking loss the junction closes fast\

Poarto mighty complex seen abroad\

Star horizontal to folks crowding projects\

Brown bores throughout collapses inside too\

Machines hunt underneath eyepullied moontops\

Welcome now pass the messy beauty thoroughfare\\\

POME Lo splivers

Lo splivers ars e whel bleu gofing

leckmun sof gas ang howe hat errif

broed dimhat legan miver damosto

fards alerd b roarean proppi wasti

iout storcered rat rompas son ming

rung ath ut swathaver weelard nunce

daivan tearea mit yutrag at prestiepum

wer eptier emp ethe tering moght henan

mata dei whenre shi nif haen seckepaust

mombastchim steralingluingly henettood

son ming rat rompas e whel bleu proppi

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