Monday, January 16, 2012

4 poems || John Pursch

Dulian Mutill Flents

Urget earcia derets hoarings perm canicle bleath,
tepplingen enchon urd orean ensinul cais,
whidge ecterom orriers tearn dast orgin,
ex bemulock semile paleen.

“Whoochie!” crembed tsein ertin moelh gen prentle,
exing in donarit whend.

“Orepan embulan froodge, whencile plu,”
oxed dulian mutill flents.

Listing to Starboard

Whiskered omelettes spell retractor mirth for generations of stolen plots, relegating novella tapers to the crouton’s candelabra heap, surprised and deeply imbued with pillory. Ditched frenzy hunts phonetic spoon techniques in a flurry of lurid mental hopscotch, bouncing from ambling tortoises to simple, gerrymandered poultice, smeared with palatial aplomb. Heckle a Rotarian, gamble for rope meal, and fleece a scientific fuzz remover of its lifelong quest for centennial clobbering, menthol holdings be damned. Smoky hillocks emerge from poolside detergent, frowning and punctual, chirping about timesheets and clocked gazebos, teething for a floating hen’s ambient pride. Whoever gives scathing, pretty latches to kids of a worn-out deer forgets the forest’s primitive dirge. Change not the banner’s calibrated preening, regard a core tendon with scarce mumbling, and simmer over April moonbeams when a quaint longing pins filial penalties to your lambent unease, listing to starboard.

Emian Nossile Bleunt

Echbenfluvial kentermon greeth,
cantomile if chembluar
whontim spurenia traugh,
fearenium gonough
eir chinetem paleg.

Oophenia craust, edter whors trenalir;
plenem caranious arge enspacune,
whidge orcena muscep treough
kenab ockaner ot.

Sloubil, wrent jonier plotch;
zeiner meoud hents phre
ar tenceog ranphil sprood,
querubential inting pind,
merch emian nossile bleunt.

Childhood Memories

Alien sailboats, dripping fructose and cheap tobacco, harangue an imbecile’s polished mincemeat funnel, chipping dotted queens into griddled locks, hobbling hipsters with checkerboard silt. Dressage pools in airborne antics, curtailing eel meanings, garbled in toilet wattage. Grams of spool detection mind the tilled basting flint, locked to angular knowledge by armored torque buckets. Isthmus pinnacles, peduncular in their emery triage, kindly canter to a bleating, felt-tip prancer’s providential lean, intimating torrents of yodeling breath. Thematic livers limp through sluggish nine-ball lags, brunching with veeps and tollbooth horizons, ominous in three angles of imposed integrity. Grainy milk features perpetuate Rococo shipping fouls, emptying cruets of moistened owls into stern valleys at sunset. Island timpani storms pelt laser mentors, handling emergent spinners for tactical planters filled with seaborne mutes. Monocle vats overflow, pounding hot glass municipalities, hoping to cleanse the rotating sidewalks of childhood memories.

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