Friday, January 27, 2012

4 poems || John Pursch

Rabbertine Soup

Gao musta einer clooben aram ener phreen
to suxa brenial astrular denimy,
criven the arbvious speta mounchen
dumenstraint peerulage.

Wisted ebond dreien spelunchie kets,
an armeir ox barrelkeet talisment
limpsed owton pon grelting meese fumurs,
thoping and strombola betwose
moochen pur frei crembers.

“Hedgerton whentles eruptinel orp rabbertine soup,
ketchel chot nexter eerm apoital phlagrence,
oolier manipol ench,”
garsonned firtheen of the fringous orlong scoomies,
earchot estance farm dinet etsets.

Diatribe Exposure

Wrangled feats of gargling clowns spill funereal grace and menial police actions, minting goon choices and double-sided dirt balloons, selling caulked maxima to soiled patrons for quartered rebel feet. Umpires vent their prancing tentacles, shouting dubious wishes and called lockout tunes, inching through tollbooth strangles of chalked soap. Cardinal ordinaries film daytime panty raids for arching, checkered cartoons, plotting the integral underflow of cause registers everywhere. A small glass pinnacle endeavors to impress two cute purpose routines with logical comment grease, only to champion a rival’s inadvertent whimsy. Hurtling dervish pumice falls in ashen sheet music from skylight poltroons, effacing each mutinous retreat, groveling for futile diatribe exposure.

Nibbly Quotan Fermightle

Whence yon amulette espels frockian lozen gapenots,
the elbian moritage shilt mockenty boonce dried couzians
of ankled racelet quandra oonce, narifer aquid joont.

Armt, zoen exapropen boole felds,
enjiggered via den smouchen odumen,
filaroped by manty earpock deramiters.

Intermangled when haggendy luckment
sketchoff ortian marmon quats,
each etchy wrestian lother echanic’s groth
pendules monky wiems of cloop taroot,
enardled in eskid modorool.

Loung efter eine grouber wenta tchangie,
tengine’s twainee athea lometer,
a croset osithen atumple lein.

So stampidules agess emon driest farochen steos,
houpling our grait, crausian outh prathta aunder;
whoot maithered etnot nibbly quotan fermightle?

The Myopian Dream

Reinforced by ladled code, gallons of brains speed by, quaffing atmospheric margins, breeding bent focal points, lost in their ambient intent. Smoothing out the sinusoid, collectible conjectures bleed into imperatives, splashing semantic jumbles and unguided interrupts on luckless limpers, charred to oblivion by the falling dust. Gloved feet fulminate over snorting nasal plenty, fidgeting with gas station travails, tapping out a plastic rhythm, sandwiched between first base and affirmative visions. Optical swoons approach from aisles deserted, reading shoes tamp down the automated spew, noses bleat a tuning fork’s hungry whistle, and breakfasts deny the second-hand magazine’s napkin, shearing off eyebrow lint. Great wave machinery waxes the moonlit embolism, raising many sails, adjourning till neap tide repeals the myopian dream.

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