Thursday, December 2, 2010

texts || Richard Mason

jeder ihr eigener Fußball

change buds tasting apple spark tryst
bellowed firing over gut spew sinew
word absailing cretaceous droop much
effort it cost you enough to know what

gnawed at knowledge blooming
cut fine after hordes of beneath
catch at play ever so birdsong burst
eardrum sopranino ardour into fingers
balancing tipping far away rumble out of
ear hate on a stick lust ripple
unhappy days in sand how not to

play makes slaves read only
money er I mean I had a
special shirt it fraying in the wind

harvity blazer swell coffer brute
stain beech ether drifted fork
sheld ear a downs sherry
marsh dragon banana hose
engine plasma cerise-eyed drop
a full third scaped hitherto

years of teasel defy woolly
bears stalked an aphid bit back merlot
at sunset increment of heater no hawkers
no falconers no free papers no imprisoned
papers comfort cake slice colour in
foyer investigate poisoned lawn write about
talk about do anything but that
anything but that anything anything I’d
do anything failing that nothing

japanese banjo

jag älskar dig jazz/noise
anita im glück mit
hanni no the smash
rückstoß gondoliero

lieber hönig 最愛の蜂蜜
дорогой мед αγαπητό μέλι
cher miel 귀중한 꿀dear honey

who sat with me in this
rowing boat I tell you
I wanted to fuck the programme
and fuck the lilac angel

wasn't a moment I thought
mmmmm spontaneous than
today totally different story

endlose gerade a picture
driving down a long
lane keep moving stay in
motion be driven by drive

annie went to norway artist sand
in gearbox nothing to smoke
so much psychology

I prefer to listen into
myself © for all texts +
pictures I am sorry if
sometimes I just stop

scale model

dope grape achele
zaber vase druff you
can make anything
you want

with your head
alpha 77 electronic
risorgimento colours glancing

sound dope on glider
decals paint before fix otherwise



ahpla daeh
epod deppilc

understood distance struts
make house paper I
wonder design

function clipped
never said that
conundrum makes for bed
cut away
in castle better


spindly killer

those bad habits off
kilter a banjoist was

shocked to learn of
without so much as

vapid glare of cliché
or a mutative report

[caught in brackets]
word stopped bullet

me I was out of town
under sum pressure

that saved not a face
or nothing else 4 that

brut farce do buffet
mirror nor hammer

spin curving culture
put a kettle on what?

the life and death
of soppy the pirate

[theme song = soppy soppy
soppy the pirate sails the 7
seas ¯¯ a most ghastly din]

[NB for those who dunno each
week soppy besmirch tv
screens of millions of innocent
children with his unspeakable
pathetic sucky whingey show]

finally great day dawn
soppy meet v. bad man +
simper tweasure tweasure
got any tweasure v.
bad man retort it’s
pronounced treasure ya
puny scum henceforth I
keeeeel you ð he do so w/
gratuitous violence + blood

\ no more soppy good job
too as he suck children of all
ages cheer + celebrate madly
when his death announced


trembling matter poured
over the back of a spoon

so it floated then blistered
in glow of roman candle

surveillance is unending
so be deaf to all warnings

gecko remained stoic
in consideration of others

no blanket was spread no
boat bound for somewhere

advice never asked for in-
variably ends up in places

I think you’ll find a pot of
rain at end of the towrope

hardy cutup

Leaves be far breeze, through from me: around
the day to when you are thin here

Heard you fair first from you ------- You would,
hear? Be across me to wistlessness

But it missed, I, the falling Wind ------- Thus how
thin from changed around to gown!

Or faltering, town was air-blue then. Leaves to
call, to air-blue me, But view ------- again hear?

Even you to me: town ------- be me: call more to
you forward -------- Where near?


add to diction ignore rule
the dogs it was that died

pour gravy over what it is
go and sit upon your arse

big jim not him amok time
veal hydrochloride please

no engine driver he ssssh
be guided abated sounds

harmonia baritone concert
-ina unequivocal vocalese

lying in the road full of lye
do you want to save o yes


gut-wrenching kids collecting
to copy genius musicians
narcissists knowing anymore without merit

lowlife smoke albums chit-chat
goddamn pretty editor say dig
year’s music stuck but do that

loaded palatial collection
narcissistic friends snivelling some have
money dissatisfaction among peers

heart weary with shit genuine
reason heard before meaningless
spending compels cruddy thinking

goddamn fans stuff musicians credibility
fading give critics shit
overworked assholes rotten friends

talk money hand-rolled

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