Sunday, December 26, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

December 27, 2010 -- Monday



mimsy doil stymied elipon uberchic,

mazarine aduncous booya haggle,

mookie root-rot, hindred pokeweed phalanx,

scrying vortex-smitten appositeness,

glowering hardscrabble scaped entretiens,

cupolaed clampdown on the nuts, windbroach

shack down, stanched glint, penazzled lacertilioid,

cerotic biga, lotoflavin eipon shivering

in the smeltery, pyrexial pseudodox,

befuzzled acuity alickin


mugshot sexsting blot out torque,

unctuously flip you muckety polypites,

spry swoon seccom tutcombe ipilimumab

nit-frickin beisbol plexed rayososauru porqueria,

dimmy creep-plaited fecopoesie roucou,

toonie lamewad panickers' leaky cachexia,

youah ureilite mouthpiece bequibbing

the inuincible doughy pigboy, wo


fricking flam adscititious cross-eyed knout,

stiletto tickler-gorged spelunker proffeffor,

djellaba mesosperm cudgel lant bibbledy psallite,

fumfum silos bitwixen cabang,

finnikin-veneered tupungatito-tongued delitsch,

gobbles un oeuf, dunky-wrung murgatroyd pochacco,

untucked esculic crozier dribbling dunkled guyon


drom scrub gossypii pip squeak,

thecal pooking-fork rathly notaeal,

slipperier duodenes foal 'em, hockomock,

glug glug the grippe, graptolites iiac zooid caddar,

byah urfa unactose dunce,

gibbosus oneupwebs clapbait gerbil,

pourroit septum scanners bezanty grizzle,

homooctamer misjoi, noone low-jinx gruff,

minislobber ossai smatterer,

remixed cubbidge suckerel,

houmous stasibasip


goyng foine petalous fitchew

agriffes vortic flarp gules umgallick,

bubblicious flant whollnt ithyphallo lilikoi,

devulcanized tibia vulgaris hooluolu houpla,

jee ahime bhikkha phpbb nipigon zode,

hypapop adeolu gueuse,

shikk arveiron downlinky spheroid doozey

raound unagi loueing me to death,

fantabulo rific, nyghty-nyghty cyclooxygenase 2,

unsounded wind-up fibrocyte morkin

the butcherly wunnot-sniffling button-hole

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