Friday, December 17, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Will loosen latered matrimony,stall the incubation period
of the Beastly Columbine,Just one victory while Christ lays around in heavenly
gorey glory.
m CrumblingSynopsis
@#^^^@# Speculative soldier gore- initially zip juriprudence marvelous kanker recreational varmint coleridge contour disply gallant

gallygarths. Grand rejoicer tedious Damsel1x Kneckbones chewed their way

through the noose.

Entwist ephemerality ,Kirlian photograp

Kingdom come meristic merge mentality Merlin/Pan

palindrome gamma--------->undertow entropic
Master, mastering mastered Mason Orgone tight-rope

Emberdoodle Tiffany White paper
RImraud compatriot Athiesm Alienation
Pandemonium from the Podium

Lucy's Fur Coat

Time bomb River, overflows decidely backwards

Fatality, flame retardant society
Dadaistic surreal alimony

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