Thursday, December 2, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Virginia Immortalized By Devotion

A great sense of economic following
the interest will hold coquettish discharges
the old conduct like one preparing fidelity
Virginia immortalized by devotion
(which above is the title line), whilst Jeff Harrison
attracts exquisite associates with a glass of runaway discharges
diffidence to slavery underwent that burning

sit and see these phantoms, at least in conflagration
you must throw out festivity, at least in conflagration
no computer program can get this money
Virginia in a corner of an enormous business

transportation by the event ---------------> EVENTS VERY FINE
a threat of the compendious afternoon haunting the high allegory
heels heeding talk ---------------> SENTENCES BENT FORWARD
I guess some breathe slower than others but it takes me days, weeks or
months to let out a breath, during which I am understandably apprehensive

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