Thursday, December 23, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


or looking at /to cover/ate /mauven house/

lay worn/ etic/ wells/ going light /aired/ far

art /off tho/ see rainspot ag/ing et/ blog/ with

la/y story/out/ of eve em ic art allhen lay/frogi

nog he/s simplore guys/ thats tel/ling so/ these

/cats/ he smote ad mit y/ with look/ them/ a/ m/

a/n of god/ as/ could as/ in tu it in a palm door

small you k/now voice showinghow/ thankless

have te/m/per/ there/ mem o/tic green/ their / ex

tremen/andwith a smood/toom use the picking o

of hysic p/la/ckw/ards/ chap/ped char/red/ing

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