Wednesday, December 8, 2010

text || Anny Ballardini


A mythical tale, the story,
Until you lothario, you shirk,
stepped in to kill our Father
But Him_ agonizing in bed_ the shipwreck
God said You Shall Pay _ no forgiveness
Will be given:
your hands stained with blood
yours and Susan’s1, Nunzia’s2 and Alex3’s
Dimitri4’s, Paolo5’s, you shins! With an inauspicious shibboleth!
- Hippocrates can see, we’ve been witnessing -
yours and their shent behavior : BETRAYAL
A sheaf of thieves

Betrayal no forgiveness
you trod treacherously
Onto our Dying Father In Agony
Blood blood blood
Stained eyes hands
The scene’s been stained
Murder_ Killing_ A blood-dripping Knife

And You without strength
Deprived of speech and movement
My sheeted loving Father who are on earth
Gloved in white lint
We cry disconsolate
For Your terrifying tangled knot
Your shingly adverse fate
My PROMISE for clemency /
/ For compassionate slings /
My dear and only Father

Freezing knolls in ills
Knights without lights
Shivers shrills _shelterless_
Sheer the cry _ tormented -gnarled
Tortured is the Man : lifted from flint
Ominous their crime
Hist! The Host was shot
Nil to till. Deltoid disillusion.
No flight for I zing
By my honing hiving lilt
The lot on the Cross
Of the Hippocratic Oath
This the viol’s unsolved song
In sol slogged through loss
Shoved into slosh _but
you have been slimed
In your viscid and vicious nogging

1. Dr. Susanna Cozzio
2. Dr. Nunzia Mazzini
3. Dr. Alessandro Manente
4. Dr. Dimitri Peterlana
5. Dr. Paolo Dalri
These are the doctors who did not take their own responsibility and who helped my sister by slinking away, to constrict my father -a person in dire need of rehabilitation after an ischemic stroke- in bed, this for two months. No need for finks to shift, the hinkies, the floosies, the hoaxers, the snots, after having knifed Him ‘n me, are sent to the Stinky Shippen with hogs. Heavy their Toll.

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