Saturday, December 4, 2010

poetry || Hugh Tribbey


debate deviant brinks
sir, the cougar deducts hers
a grand plum zinger
habits of matches and portraits see London
shake or pour the top soul
quill nitrate passes the class
quail guard a finity
hill travels south
quake the veins of bells
to fill with jewels
a triumphant divan of trinkets
may guide a parson’s fee for plums
is arresting a pile of deviant patrons
try paying for the passing of a vague parent
put delight in a solitary dance
sand regulates consumption
delight dances the solitary dance too and continues sharp chance


fricasseed menu
devoid Nielsen raisins, no satchel
quite the simulation, armored apples of images
bail dense doubt achieved
vacant April, vacant
outcomes, il-advised out levitations icy
dune authors quail nests plumbs
quest for faint substance normal

mirror, abusive namesake
oh the pure silo


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land myst


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an thrill rill rides grame lumin araing asce unafrave parm floorcent of
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lumines corc ing und strokes sacrection aroll rid thrid strolleys can thrid
sach frainescencent break unwradireach frappinescenwrave can dis graing

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