Friday, December 10, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

[ST\]RUC.T[U\R.A]pOM[]tect[i.on]a[p]a..\rt] 7

l.o[ut]o[/f al]ig[ig\n.\m]en[.t]w.h[.]a.t[ /w]as[ b\.e]in[g
./sa[.id ]w[as] ov[er.hea]r.d b.y[th]e[mil]\[
z]ia.[t]o.t]ak/\.e[a]w.ay]th..e[ bo.t]tom[ lin.e] o.f t\h]e
ca[.use] [f]or.[ t]he[ to]ta[l di]s[ru].p.tin[[upt]io
n] o[f ]o..[]f fo.rce]s b.eyo[n]d[]. ]th[e c][o.a]l o[f ]
a].ll]th\.e p.]e[..o[pl]/e w.ho [st]o..[o/]d o.[]n ]th[[..e]] \
so[ilo.[f t] ['ho]m.e[lala.[n]d a]n/\]d[w..[ai]ted[ f]or/
/ [sk]ie.s[ to ]h[op[en]h o]r so[m]e/\ th] so[m.e th]
ink s]ee[ tha]t t[he sk[y[ do]es op]en w]ill[ you[ tha]t [
as] an asi[de] a/]n[d th./\e]y wo[u]ld n[otle[ak.[/shr]ink
]fro]m[fro[m.. th./ei]r. .du[.ti]]e.s[ t]o th.]eir h..o.m[eka]
nfl.a]n.dl[a]nd [hom]ela[nd] th[ey w]ould piw[c]e.p[ie.c]
e t[o.g]e[.the.r ]a wo[]rdq[u..ilt s].et. .th[at o]n [t\he ea[
rth]be[d ]a[]s fre[edo]m 'fr[eed]om[ ano]the[r[ w]orj[d f]or
[f[or .n/\o]t.hi[ng .no[th]i].ng [le]ft [to] lo[se'] t.h[ey ]se[t
t].he[ qu]ilt .on] the[ roc]k.y [a.n]dpra..y[ed]ht[e .ne[x]t
wo[rd].w]or[ds w]oul[d ]n[ot/\ b]e the e\/ndw[en]dth[e..]
en[db.u]t t..h[ey.[ar[..e]/wor.d]s]fro.m[un]rit]te]na.rti/cl/e
]lik[eth.e\c./h[at]te]r'o'f'ab./[egg\] te[e]th.A.n[ton]in/A.

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